12 Points Of Comparison Between eBay And Amazon

With the increase in the number of online shopping destination it becomes hard for the customer to choose the right one. Here are top 12 points of difference between Amazon and eBay. Take a look at it and choose it judiciously

  • Fees: One of the biggest differences between eBay and Amazon lies in the commission and FBA fees. Although the Amazon’s commission and FBS fees workout pretty higher than that of eBay’s but eBay sells so much more than Amazon that the overall money they make is higher.
  • Auction And Fixed Price: eBay auctions are best for used, collectibles or vintage goods. If you are selling any vintage items and you want best price then eBay is the destination that you must choose over Amazon.
  • Stability: When it5 comes to selling or buying the retailers will always look for a stable platform. When it comes to that then anything becomes better than eBay. The eBay is very good platform for the retailers.
  • Feedback: Both eBay and Amazon have feedback system to make it easy for the customers and sellers to record the history and impression of the products. However eBay has given more scope than Amazon in case of feedback. In case of having any issues with your item you can always call ebay contact for resolutions.


  • Branding: In case of branding Amazon restricted all the sellers from reaching out to buyers and marketing. Initially eBay used to allow this but presently eBay too has restricted it. Now eBay has neutralized the branding tool.
  • Taxes: In case of taxes both eBay and Amazon provides a system to collect the taxes in addition to the sale price. This is a great way and it does not east the seller’s profit.
  • Average sale price: Amazon does not leave any chance and opportunity for bargain of the items. Whereas eBay quite look for bargain and waits through an auction to save money.
  • Payment Procedures: When it comes to payment methods then eBay happens to be better than that of Amazon. This is because Amazon does not accept PayPal or credit cards where as eBay gives all kinds of services to the customers
  • Shipping: In case of shipping Amazon happens to surpass eBay. Although the shipping system in eBay is undoubtedly great but Amazon handle all the shipping and customer services efficiently.


  • Simplicity: The most important thing while shopping or selling is the simplicity of using. The site that you choose must give you simple user-friendly interface which would be less complicated. When it is about simple user interface then eBay happens to be better than Amazon.
  • Faster Deliver: Another major reason to choose eBay over Amazon is that eBay delivers goods quicker than that of Amazon.
  • Experience: Whether it is buying or selling the experience is best with eBay. It gives the users a better experience when it comes to selling or buying.

These are the top 12 benefits of choosing eBay. So next time you go online shopping or trading make sure you choose it right.

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